Dalish Pariah

Alex, 17, SC, she/her or fae/faer, half-iranian, circus, I'll kill anyone who badmouths merrill

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need to re-sharpen my nails into claws soon

Sep 02 2014


need a lift FUCKBOY ???


If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
I’ll see what tomorrow brings

maybe now that i can drive i can get to more aerial classes instead of just one a week (maybe even a choreo class???) 

circus here i come


John Light as Oberon and Matthew Tennyson as Puck, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe. Directed by Dominic Dromgoole.


Slavery: “GET OVER IT!”

Imperialism: “GET OVER IT!”

Exploitation: “GET OVER IT!”

World Starvation: “GET OVER IT”

Genocide: “GET OVER IT!”

Occupation: “GET OVER IT!”